For anyone interested in learning more about Jazz Theory, Jazz History and how to play Jazz Piano, I thoroughly recommend the following must read books:

  • The Jazz Piano Book ~ Mark Levine
  • The Jazz Theory Book ~ Mark Levine
  • Voicings for Jazz Keyboard ~ Frank Mantooth
  • The Chord Scale Theory & Jazz Harmony ~ Barrie Nettles & Richard Graf
  • A Chromatic Approach to Jazz Harmony and Melody ~ David Liebman
  • Jazz Theory: From Basic to Advanced Study ~ Dariusz Terefenko
  • Jazzology ~ Robert Rawlins
  • Modern Jazz Piano – A study in harmony ~ Brian Waite
  • Jazz Piano – The Left Hand ~ Riccardo Scivales
  • Jazz ~ Scott DeVeaux & Gary Giddins
  • The Jazz Book: From Ragtime to the 21st Century ~ Joachim-Ernst Berendt
  • The History of Jazz ~ Ted Gioia

And here are some other great online Jazz resources:

  • For the chord progression (though not melody) of every single Jazz Standard check out:
  • For information about every Jazz album, artist and Jazz related news check out:
  • This is just a cool graph of the popularity of music over time:

And a couple non-Jazz recommendation. For anyone interested in the historical development of music and the science of music (acoustics) I would highly recommend the following:

  • The Unanswered Question Lecture Series ~ Leonard Bernstein (1973 Norton Lectures)
  • How Music Works ~ John Powell
  • The Physics of Sound ~ Richard E. Berg

For anyone interested in improving their technique and speed, the following is the best collection of finger exercises on the market since 1873:

  • The Virtuoso Pianist ~ Charles-Louis Hanon